Everyone might have dreamed like this,” A beautiful house with a loving wife and children In a beautiful valley, full of love and joy, a smooth wind careering fragrance of lily Butterflies flying all around, all the corners of that world showing unconditional love”... We can say a Wow now…!!!
Yes I had that dream my “great family dream”. After working with my great dream I understood not only I am, who is deciding the things, there are lot of things more than unconditional love. People will call it luck factor or destiny or something else …!!! Because of that above factors my unconditional love failed in the streets. Some one fucked with my dreams. (Sorry for that F word) All the things I believed became mystery, still destiny moves like a mysterious girl and am following her for the time being .I lost my great family dream beneath her foots but I never give up I have some more to do . Not exactly big as” my family dream “but I am working on it …. Here you are on my small dream … welcome to my life... welcome to my story of a journey called LIFE

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As much as you want/can…!!!

"You fuckers switch off the TV Mohammed roared with anger..!!!"
He was really angry as we played a funny game with Mohammed
After the UBS we went out to see KanyaKumari with a “grassy eye” and we purchased some KanyaKumari stuffs.
Shine and Jackson went to buy Rum for the night party
Mohammed was very irritated with the sunny day as he doesn’t took bath at the morning, and he begged us to go to the room first, 
but we ignored him, as we also had an idea to take bath but, here some one like Mohammed ‘ 6 feet 92 inches chest ‘one real fat "Glutton" in our class is begging us for the same so we changed the plan.
We said to MANTHU (that was his nick name it means a real fat man) "we are not coming to the room we are hungry "
So food is the first priority, Anush said loudly…!!! " everyone nodded and went to the Restaurant for having lunch
Mohamed got angry and he went to the room.
I shocked with this drama
" I can’t believe this; he left food for bath … ho..!!! Unbelievable… I witnessed a history man, really ... shit happens sometimes " and i laughed 
Manthu ignored the food for bath..! Everyone started laughing with this drama.
That was an unbelievable thing for us may be for the entire college or may be for the world.
As he was a very famous Glutton.He may kill and eat some one if he got hungry.That much famous was his eating. He never missed any free food. But here it happened

“Sometimes shit happens “

Almost all of our classmates 'Sanku Mankus' are there and we had South Indian vegetable meals
After our lunch Rama Moorthi sir told us " we have enough money with us for having deserts so let’s have ‘as much as you want’ " and he left the hotel with sanku manku ladies.
The poor Rama Moorthi sir never thought 'as much as you want ' means a fucking number...!!!
We ate 'as much as we can' we finished all the ice creams of that restaurants
The owner called the suppliers for another quick delivery
I heard the shop keeper’s prayer “Andavaa today seems to be a great day give me this kind of customers as much as you can”
We finished that delivery too and at last we said our self… " yep its enough…!
After all Stomach is ours!"
And we left the restaurant
We imagined Moorthi sir’s teased face as we ten people ate 238 ice creams and we laughed.
A sweet replay to Moorthi’s as much as you want!
I damn sure he never used that “as much as you want” for rest of his life
As The polling was 1000%
Jackson leads by 17, then syamjith and me with 14, Sumith, Shine, Ramjith, and Anush etc in order, the minimum number by one was 12

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