Everyone might have dreamed like this,” A beautiful house with a loving wife and children In a beautiful valley, full of love and joy, a smooth wind careering fragrance of lily Butterflies flying all around, all the corners of that world showing unconditional love”... We can say a Wow now…!!!
Yes I had that dream my “great family dream”. After working with my great dream I understood not only I am, who is deciding the things, there are lot of things more than unconditional love. People will call it luck factor or destiny or something else …!!! Because of that above factors my unconditional love failed in the streets. Some one fucked with my dreams. (Sorry for that F word) All the things I believed became mystery, still destiny moves like a mysterious girl and am following her for the time being .I lost my great family dream beneath her foots but I never give up I have some more to do . Not exactly big as” my family dream “but I am working on it …. Here you are on my small dream … welcome to my life... welcome to my story of a journey called LIFE

Monday, December 6, 2010


She appeared in the court after 6 months, that was counseling for us .family court was crowded as always. It seems to be a share brocking house where we can buy or cell relationships; everyone had a deadly rhythm on their movements.
I reached early as usual
I had missed the first appearance because I had an interview in Info Park. (On that time I were not able to hear any lies by my wife, that was the main reason for ignoring the first appearance)
Latter, I heard the drama from my advocate
She lied about our relation ship and she pretend to be innocent and merely said I am a cheater. She was in a hurry to escape from our unconditional love, and she looked like a fire force women in a khaki dress who is trying to rescue her father from the big trouble called operation Aman. 'She became a great daughter to a great dad rather than being a great lover and great wife'. And on the very first day of appearance judge decided we both need to attend the most famous circus of family court, “the counseling”,
The main seekers of counseling were her parents but the judge made the rule follow. Judge postponed the case to another date and said Sonali and Aman need to attend counseling.
I was gone down hearing this all drama from my advocate
'Do you think she really loves you …?' My Adv asked Me.?
Yep…! I know still she loves me … she can’t go …she will be with me only …my brain was searching to pick the proper answer.
'Is that a question to ask…? Obviously, she loves me.' I answered with a stammered voice..!!!
Ok just go through bible you will get the proper dialogue for your hope …!!

" Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called.

And Adv called the next client, As I left the room
She hadn’t appeared for the next 2 counselings.
I went to the court, and came back with the same hope
’may be next time’…!
finally that day came
it was the counseling for us. As per the world bullshit law, 'Ladies first' rule followed there...!!!
I was eagerly waiting outside of that counseling room,
after a long time am going to hear Sonali's voice, and am going to see her very near ..!!
Very much excited like a school boy who is waiting to punish by principal behalf of his friends faults.
But my intellectual brain remind me that there is no way for a will..She will move from you... and she will say something bullshit inside the cabin..Be prepared for the worst..
I heard the old accountancy lecture as a mosquito’s buzz
“Conservatism - anticipating loss more than profit”
after 15 minutes they called me inside.
She were beautiful as always my Testosterone worked like something
but suddenly all the hormones commit suicide inside my cell.
Counselor brakes the silence of love
'see Aman, Sonali is saying that she need to go with her parents...!!'
As you lied about ‘Surya’.

"What the fuck you are saying...? I lied??? OMG "
that was the answer in my mind
but I controlled!
I saw my love , dancing & flying in front of me like a joker..." The life itself branded & reserved me as a schlemief "..I thought.She decieved the "Love" we grown up together,she adulterated the dreams we lived for, she poisoned our memorale past...she...she....she left, making me an abandoned lonely idiot with the "couches of sorrows" i am still living with....,only to protect & fullfill her selfish, conservative Parent's wicked aspirations.
'What you are saying Sona..? What cheating I did..? will you pleas,.....!!!
Really, I didn’t get you …?'
I asked and breathed very eagerly .
'I don’t have any kind of belief in you … I can’t trust you …
I want to go with my parents …you cheated me !!!'
She repeated the same ..!.
Her voice had the same boldness as she said in front of the 'sub inspector' after our marriage, but it was slightly different, that was I want to go with my husband
'As you are saying I cheated you then the thing which you have done to me ...what was it ..eternal love ..? or unconditional love ..???' i asked her
I looked her again …I need to confirm that is this the same girl who called me LLF (life long friend), who loved me more than anything, who knows me more than I know about myself, who became my wife ignoring the pressure by her parents…who lived with me, and who dreamed the future in all my breaths …!!!
Oh it’s really unbelievable …!!!
No, you cant forget the love we had ,not only I am but also you …you are also going to suffer with out me …please don’t do this . .. Thoughts went randomly inside the brain may be some useless thoughts …!!!
I tried to look at her eyes
she avoid the eye contact
' why you came again after the brake up ? ' I asked her
I felt the earth is braking in to pieces …am going away from her
' They hadn’t kidnapped you?
They hadn’t beaten me? and You don’t know anything about my past …and especially about Surya, is it? '

All questions came frequently from my unconscious ness!
She avoid all the questions, she treated me like a stranger
I was reading her mind ! No Sona I know you. I know why you are acting like this!and i sighed
And she left me, crushing out that little flower inside me in her palms...& flew away,to the present...here i am still constrained to stay imprisoned with the past.
(to be continnued)